Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MTC Week 10!

Okay so not tons of news this week, I'm just trying to push through this to finally get to Russia. So that topical stuff you sent me, I don't think that's a very good idea to use it anymore, it has destroyed my skin, literally I have a rash on my face and my skin in peeling everywhere and its as painful as a really bad sunburn, it always hurts, I only got 3 hours of sleep last night because it was so painful. So unless that is the tactic it uses, I probably shouldn't use it anymore, I hope it hasn't created scar tissue or permanent marks or something. Could you ask the doctor about it? Anyways, you might as well send more contacts so I have the 2 year supply, I'm not too comfortable buying them in Russia after the horror stories I've heard about buying sketchy low key brands of contacts. Could you also send some aloe vera for my face? Which reminds me, do I have any sunscreen? I thought we packed some but I don't see it anywhere. So another fun fact, I've been pretty sick for the past week or so, so sick I couldn't go to class, the teacher told me to go see the doctor, so I've been sick with an annihilated face for the past week, not the best week on record I should say.
Also, can you send another laundry bag carrier thing with the shoulder strap, mine is almost broken because it's been hanging here for so long. Another random thought, so you know those Daniel Elissa shirts? Yeah haha the buttons on them are ridiculous, like they are sewen on so ridiculously, I just put the shirt on and one of them just ripped off, I'll have to see if I can get it sewen back on. The Kirkland Signature shirts are amazing though, super durable, just a heads up for any other missionaries getting ready to go.
How do I send stuff to you? Can I give it to Vicki or do I have to go through the mail here? The mail room here is pretty rude and difficult to work with and very expensive and they don't ship your stuff until like a week later. Because I need to start sending a lot of my stuff home. Can you put it all in my room, can you send a few more memory cards in the package today or tomorrow? Please whatever you do though don't send any more sweets, I can't afford to eat them, gaining weight here is about as easy as stepping on the scale to check it.

Anyways, no luck on the tunnels, we are pretty sure that we have found the entrances but they are locked. So as far as school goes when I get back, I've been talking a lot with people who went or go to BYU that are here and they have filled me in on a bunch of stuff, and I was planning on applying right when I got home, because that will be application season, then I can start school in the summer semester, I going to try to find a decent job before then, there's no way I'm going to come home early to go to school, the Lord called me for a full time mission, so that's what I'm planning to do, you can actually go home 30 days before or after your departure date so maybe I'll come home in the beginning of October but that will only be if that's how the mission is going to work out. All will be well, no worries, plus if I went right as I got home I wouldn't get to really choose any classes that I would want. Everything is good here besides all that though, I love you all and the Church is true! Until next week!
-Elder Skene

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