Monday, June 3, 2013

Workin' Hard!

Hey guys! This week I don't have a bunch of news to report or anything, if I get a chance to send some photos I will. Speaking of which I've been able to see some really cool WWII stuff while I've been here and across the river, which is awesome, it's kinda unreal to think that one of the biggest battles in world history took place right here in our backyard, and some sweet stuff has been preserved and scenery is really cool in some places. I've been taking photos when I can, so I'll have to show them to you guys in a couple months here. We have been really busy this week, like there hasn't been one day that I can recall where we've been able to do everything that we need to and that is coupled with rushing everywhere even, and the spirit has been strong as we've worked with inactives and actives alike, contacted, taught lessons in Church, and just everything else. We about doubled our Church attendance this week, which is also way awesome. Even though it can be pretty tough, I consider being here a blessing and an opportunity to do a lot of good, haha I guess the Lord gave me a good way to finish strong, we are now from what I've heard, visiting every single person in the branch every week, that's a lot of meetings and a lot of people and only 2 companionships to divide and conquer, so it sounds like a good time and we got our work cut out for us. We have had some big progress with the inactives here, and it's exciting to see what could happen in the future. We visited Oleg, a professional photographer/cinematographer who was inactive in our branch and later on in the week did a service project for him to help clean up some stuff at his work. We shared a few spiritual thoughts and invited him to come to combined family home evening with the other branch across the river in our district, he agreed and he'll be the photographer for the activities, and we're riding there with him tomorrow night. We thought that would be a good idea to get him back into the scene by just getting him socializing with the members and then start to get him back to Church, we didn't want to do too much all at once. The Lord must have worked a miracle with him, we are not only going to the activity with him tomorrow night but he came to Church! He expressed the love the felt from us just looking out for him and helping him out, and I think it meant a lot to him. This is all not to mention the work that the Sisters have been doing with other inactives who came back this week who haven't been coming to Church really for 4 or 5 years if I remember right. It's really cool to be able to make friends with the inactives and have them help us with the work by referrals, coming to lessons/meetings, and everything else. Our investigator, Igor, told us about how the Lord help him quit smoking and how he has a testimony about tithing. His stories were really cool to listen to and we are committed with him now to work with his wife and get him baptized, he has been an investigator for something like 8 years apparently but he's really nice and seems to know the doctrine better than a lot of members do here, not to mention what he's shown us too. So all in all things here are moving forward and are doing well. I love and miss you guys, have a great week and be safe! Until next Monday,

-Elder Skene

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