Monday, July 1, 2013

Talent Show!

Hey everyone, this week we have Zone Conference here in Volgograd, which should be exciting and I guess it's my last one unless there will be another before October, which is kinda unreal to be honest. I always assumed a day like that to be far away in my future. Either way, it should be helpful and cool to see everyone again. This week we'll be meeting with some people hopefully who can provide us with some contacts and who can be really helpful to our branch. This week we did some service for a member who moved here a little while back and got a working lock put on her door so she can leave freely. Her daughter works in the city and I guess makes the money for the family while the Mother builds the house all day with her own hands. So we've been over to help a few times, we went with the other Elders and Sisters in our district and we want to do that again sometime soon, maybe on splits this week. It was really helpful to her, she wasn't able to ever leave for fear of someone robbing her house. She lives out in a village north of Volzhsky, about 20 minutes our so by car so not to far out but if something were to happen it may be tough for her to get help in time, so she's been confined to her home for a while. She comes to Church though now and was at the talent night, speaking of which, it went really well. A lot of people performed and a lot of inactives showed up and some investigators too. I got to MC the evening and sing a hymn with two members from our Branch here. It was all a really good time. After counting things we realized that our attendance was over 40, maybe even over 45, which is a huge improvement and jump ahead for the Branch here. It truly is a blessing to be able to take part in the work like that. So the work here is going well and things are moving forward, I can't believe that I have like 12 weeks left, crazy. I'll just need to keep continuing to do the work and try to focus on what good we can do here. The Work is true, it's of the Lord. I love all of you, thanks for all your support and help, have a great week and be safe, until next Monday!

-Elder Skene

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