Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hey! Thanks for your emails as usual, I loved them and it's a bummer that I missed Easter with you guys this year but I'll be seeing you in 6 months to the day, so we'll have plenty of Holidays to catch up on. Easter here is this upcoming Sunday, so we'll see how that goes, last year there wasn't much other than a lot of people going to church and telling you that Christ has risen, which is true, so we'll see what this year holds in store. We committed an investigator, Pavel, to baptism and he accepted this week for the 21st of April, but we'll see what happens with that, he is having some personal issues that could prolong the whole process or postpone the date. We had a lesson with him again this week and while we were waiting for him to show up a lady walked by the building and was interested in the church building when she noticed the repairman that was working there with his son, both members from Zapandy. We together taught her a lesson and they showed her the building and we both took down here number after giving her a Book of Mormon, and she along with Pavel both showed up to Church this week, it was awesome. The only worry is that it may have seemed a little strange to them because to the few people there due to the temple trip, but they said that they liked it and she stayed and participated in Sunday School. We'll keep working hard here to move the work forward, I love you guys, have a great week and be safe!

-Elder Skene

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