Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Victory Day!

Hey everyone, today was Victory Day here in Russia, today being the 9th of May. We were able to see the big parade this morning and some other cool stuff, I have some cool photos that I'll have to send to send to you if I get the chance, I'll try to attach a few in this email. So this week we had a higher than average turn out at Church and things went smooth for the most part, there were a few isolated incidents that took place, but we just gotta keep moving forward and get past the bumps in the road. Other than that we are just working with mostly the same investigators that we had in the past few weeks. Due to the Easter Holiday though, or as we hope, not all of them came to Church this week. We also had splits with the Severny Elders, and combined we received 5-6 numbers and handed out a few copies of the Book of Mormon, so they went pretty well, and it was good to mix things up a little bit from the casual routine. Zone training this week was good, it provoked some thoughts in me about goal setting, my progress as a missionary, and other stuff that I've been thinking about, essentially about just how we all can keep improving as missionaries, and what I need to do specifically, it's interesting to see how we change over time, and how far you realize that you need to go every time you evaluate things, haha even in the things that don't seem like your biggest weaknesses, but that's life right? Well, I gotta run, you guys have a great week and be safe! Talk to you on Sunday!
-Elder Skene

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