Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey! So we got transfer calls this week and I will be leaving Selmash. I have served a total of 5 transfers here, which is a lot for the average area, but it was hard to say goodbye even though I was ready for a change. I love so many of the members here and I love the people I was able to serve around/with and I learned so much from so many different people, stuff I may have never learned otherwise. I'll miss my companions and the Williams for sure, but I think it will be interesting to have a new change. Elder Cook will be staying here and Elder Wilding will come to replace me, he's a good missionary, I've gotten to know him a little bit over the mission and I was his temporary companion on his first day here. He's 4 transfers younger than me if I remember correctly. Sisters will also now be in Selmash along with the Elders. I will be going up to Volgograd (Stalingrad) across the river in a place called Volzhsky, actually I'll be the second oldest Elder in the whole zone and the oldest within a transfer, crazy right? Although maybe not my first choice to be totally honest haha I'm excited to go and I'll be serving with Elder Lambert, I've never met him but I've heard some good stuff and apparently he's pretty smart and good at the language, he went to Stanford before his mission, he should be an interesting guy. No other major news this week than we had a good turn out at Church this week and things in the branch are improving. We've been kept busy between the work and getting stuff ready for transfers, we have to transfer all the area book records to a separate book for the new Sisters, the rule here is that if it's a single individual the Elders teach the men and the Sisters teach the woman. There are Sisters in Volzhsky too, and we'll be in a district of 10 people, including the Cranes, a senior couple. There awesome and they'll be helping us out in our two areas with some branch training and things. I guess that I'm on another branch assignment, as there is a lot that needs to be done in these two branches that make up our district, and who knows, maybe I'll finish my mission up there, who knows, but hopefully we can be kept working on some specific stuff now and then instead of just a lot of contacting or other standard routines, thankfully the Branch Presidency assignment in Selmash helped out a lot with that and kept us occupied. So we'll have to see what is in store for this next transfer and the two after it before I'm finished and on my way back home, this week I have my last visa trip and a mission conference with Elder Bennet before I go up on the 8-12 hour bus trip to Volgograd Center, and then the hour and a half taxi ride through the city and across the bridge to Volzhsky, so it should be exciting. Have a great week, thanks for everything! Be safe! I love you!

-Elder Skene

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