Monday, February 20, 2012

It's getting warmer!!!

Hello again! So it's been pretty cold here lately, it seems that we always go through these cycles of super humid cold to humid cold haha, but it's supposed to get better now so we'll see what happens. I'll try to answer any questions you guys have that you have emailed me we with in this big email to save time. I'll also of course be attaching some photos, which reminds me, I didn't get enough time to send the second email with more photos last week so I'll try to send it for this one. Also, as far as the package goes, the only other thing I need here is more eye drops and vitamins, I'm fine on everything else, and I'm learning how to sew, we all thought it was impossible I know but I guess not haha!
So I think I've already said this but maybe not so I'll just tell you again, on P-Day we wake up at the usual time of 6:30 AM and then we go shopping at the grocery store which is like almost a mile away haha, so we walk back with a weeks worth of whatever we need for like a mile, it's epic, I took having a car for granted before my mission for sure! Then we clean the apartment, eat lunch, write home, etc, until P-Day ends at 6:00 PM, but everything doesn't always happen in that exact order but I digress. I'm glad to hear that you are all doing well though! Keep staying safe! So today we went to go get Elder Reigngard a haircut, and so I sat in the place and waited for him. This old guy sat next to me who looked exactly like the old man on "Into the Wild" or the old man on "Up", he was way funny, there was Russian pop music playing and he was drumming to it and rockin' out and head banging, he was way funny, he knew we would get a kick out of it of course, and then he sat down and started telling jokes and stuff to the haircut lady, everyone loved it.
So I've also seen some weird stuff, like a baby in a stroller just sitting outside of a store, and then a practically naked man jogging on the beach when it was snowing, and of course more abandoned automobiles and stray animals everywhere! It looks a lot like a video game here, like what people think of when they play things like Call of Duty haha, I think Jake would like seeing some stuff here. We are staying busy as always of course, which reminds me, we went knocking yesterday and this lady walked by us and I felt impressed to stop her, so I did and we ended up giving her our number and a Book of Mormon which is pretty rare, so that was awesome, we'll see what happens there. Igor the Army Man and Mesha are both still on track to be baptised which is awesome of course! Oh also we are seeing if we can get another investigator baptised, her name is Anastasea, and she is totally prepared and everything, her husband just says that he doesn't want her to, so we'll see what happens there, we hope we can get past that. We went to see her in the hospital the other day because she has some like blood pressure disease, but she's fine and she's way cool. Russian hospitals are way scary looking, like super old and broken down, crazy people just walking around unrestrained, the sketchiest things ever haha, and the outside looks like all abandoned and stuff, and we have to take our tags off because it's a public hospital and we can get arrested if we go in as missionaries. The Russian is coming along, it's a very hard language for an Enslish speaker to learn though, haha it's so different, like there are 18 ways to spell and say the word "our" or "your". So looking back, German in High School was rediculously easier than this I think haha.
Me and Elder Reigngard should be together for about 3 months which is 2 transfers from when I got here. I don't know when I will be going to the Ukraine for a Visa Trip, sometime in mid April I guess though. I'm attaching a photo from zone conferance two weeks ago of my mission dad and current companion (Elder Reigngard) and my mission grandpa (Elder Kuslev), both native Russian speakers, on the mission you are born in the first city you are located in, and your trainer is your dad and his trainer is your grandfather and so on and so forth.
Well that's all for this week, until next P-Day! Everythings good here! I love you all!
-Elder Skene

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