Monday, February 6, 2012

New Investigators!

Hello! I heard about the Superbowl, that's cool that you had a big party! So I'll try to answer your questions because like I said we don't have a lot of time here to write, which reminds me, please tell everyone at home that I am planning on writing all of them, we don't have much time to do stuff here, and it's probably better if they just email me back so they save money, time, and my address isn't going to stay constant, we only get mail at zone conferences which is every 6 weeks, and there's no guarantee it will even make it here, it's difficult to make sure you have the correct address here because we live in kind of a weird area. I have to write them back though, I can't email them. Let everybody at home know that I love them all though! Tell all the Grandparents that I said hi!
So I wanted to send you guys all something, so I'm still searching, I wanted to send Jakob some Russian money, but it's illegal, so scratch that haha. Oh and to answer your questions concerning temperature, CO levels, and everything else, here it is, haha. It's warmed up here to the point where the snow is melting a little bit, but the wind is pretty bad so it's still kinda cold, not to mention the high levels of humidity. We make sure our home is ventilated and we have a CO detector in our room where we sleep so all is well. I have enough bedding so no worries about that. The language is getting more and more complex but I'm understanding a lot more, Elder Reigngard and I speak only Russian unless we are home in the apartment, so that helps. Our average day in generally street contacting or lessons with investigators, studying, and eating meals of course, we are up at 6:30am and in bed at 10:30pm, we either walk everywhere, or take a trolleybus as they're called here, or a marshutka sometimes, which is also a bus. Elder Riegngard and I are the only missionaries in the city and the outlying areas, so we go everywhere, we only take a train or a big bus when we travel outside of our area, which is only for zone or mission conferences.
We have three, well more like two actually, investigators named Igor, haha, there are like only 10 names in Russia that almost everyone has! One was in the military and is pretty cool, we call him "Igor the Army Man", another is literally like mentally insane so we never talk to him but he just walks in the church when we are in there sometimes, we call him "Crazy Igor" and the other Igor is a factory worker, we call him "Igor 2". He actually just walked in the branch because we put a sign up in the window that basically said "Here you can find out about Mormons!" We also have another Investigator named Mesha, which is short for Mikhial or Michael in English, that I didn't think I told you about. He is 20 and he wants to be baptised and go on a mission, it's pretty cool, he has a great testimony and he has dropped drinking, smoking, and drinking coffee and tea because of that awesome testimony that he has, it's pretty cool.
So in our apartment the walls are thin so we hear other people a lot, it's pretty funny because close by us are a lot of old Russian grandma's or Babushka's. They are all over the place on the street and they always mumble about the younger generation, haha, it's way funny to listen to them rant, and the one's who live by us are way funny too! One of them has a grandson and she always yells at him about school and his choice of friends when he comes home late. Also, like everyone smokes and drinks here, and there are a lot of drunk people walking around on the weekends, but we feel safe on the street, even when we talk to communists, who are like way against religion generally.
Well I don't have much more time to write because I have to write you guys personally real fast and send more pics and write the mission president. I love you all and May the Force be With You!
-Elder Skene

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