Monday, December 10, 2012

A Good Week!

Hey! So I don't have a lot of time but this week have had a couple cool and crazy experiences, I don't have a lot of time to go through them all but the work here is really good, we have multiple investigators who are following up and working with us, and we have had at least one member/investigator meeting almost every day for this entire transfer! It's awesome, it helps the time pass a lot, and it helps you learn to love the people more and helps you serve them and really want to help them and give the best gift that we can, the Gospel. I'm excited to see what happens this week the progress they have been making, and even tonight we have a meeting planned, and we should be looking at a new apartment. I feel like a missionary in Latin America, like Elder Pathakis, at least that's what the stories and stereotypes say. I better wrap this up but I wrote you guys about everything else this week and I hope you got all of it, but know that I love you and miss you all so much, and in 9-10 months I'll be able to tell you all about this stuff face to face, I'm excited for the Christmas call, I gave Mom the details as far as I know them right now but I'll find out more, but until then and next Monday, have a great week and stay safe, I love you!
-Elder Skene

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