Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey! This week was pretty good except for somehow I got sick on Saturday and I'm still pretty sick and out of it haha but what can I do right? This upcoming week have pretty much every day booked so it should be a fun one. I hope you guys have a good time this year, and as of tomorrow, I will have a little of 9 months left! I'm glad that this will be the last New Years that I'm away from home though, it'll be fun not to have to work haha. This New Years we have some free time today and tomorrow to sit in the apartment but other than that we are running errands all day, and the last New Years in the MTC was just 2 normal days, so it will be cool to be able to celebrate it again. But other than that this week was pretty standard and things are going smoothly. To answer Mom's question, my current companions full name is Kameron Brinkerhoff and he is from Grants Pass, Oregon. That's about it for this week though, the two baptisms are schedualed for the 13th, so we'll have to keep working with that and see what happens! I love you guys, stay safe and have great week. Until next Monday!

-Elder Skene

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