Monday, December 3, 2012

New Investigator(s) and a Baptismal Date!

Hey guys! So I don't have a lot of time to write this but we extended a Baptismal invitation to a younger girl in the branch this week when we taught her with her Grandmother, her Mom in a member but inactive, and we are trying to reactivate her brother so he can do the baptism, but we'll see what happens, either way though she will be baptized soon, way cool! Then we have a new investigator that we met on the street and taught after Church yesterday, he accepted the Book of Mormon and we're meeting with him with the Branch President later this week most likely, he has a marijuana and cigarette problem and promised us that he wouldn't smoke the day we met with him and he wants to quit, and we wanna show him how he can and how much better off he will be and use the example of the day he meets with us to show him the difference it can make and we have one more man who is sorta an investigator, it just depends on what will happen, he used to go to Church for like six months but was never baptized  and he knows a lot about the Church and the Branch knows him, I'll have to ask the Branch President about him to understand why he couldn't be baptized  because he said he was just denied permission because he "wasn't ready", so that could mean a lot of things, so we'll have to find out and keep in touch with him. We're going on splits to Severny this week, and that should be exciting, I'll get to see my old area again. We have an average of around 33-36 members show up here to Sacrament and other meetings, but there aren't a lot of men in the branch so we have gone to the Relief Society meeting the past two weeks haha, we'll have to see if we can change that and get some lessons rolling even if it's just us and the Branch President haha. I can't tell you the names of these people or show you pictures I guess, new rule, I'll see if I can tell you next week in my emails. Well that's about all for this week. I love you guys, have a great week and stay safe!

-Elder Skene

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