Monday, February 11, 2013

The Work Rolls Forward!

Hey! Things here are pretty good in Selmash, I'm just still training the new Elder Cook here. He is from Palm Bay, Florida, 19 years old, a few siblings, one of which is in Hong Kong on a mission right now, and the rest is TBA. By the way my last companion Elder Brinkerhoff is from Grant's Pass, Oregon. Anyways, this week we were just contacting and had a meeting set up where we couldn't get a hold of the people, and we didn't know what we could do to make something happen, and then a random lady in her late 40's named Natalia, (we can say the first name now), stopped us and asked to meet with us, she came when the other people were supposed to, so everything worked out fine. She accepted baptism at the end of the lesson and is supposed to be baptized on the 24th of February, so that's good news, and we are still waiting for Sergei to get out of the hospital, Angelika to finish her exams, and we're still just working with the other potentials that we have. Also, Elder Cook had a couple of warts on his hands and feet, which as far as he knew it was like 3 or 4, well we walked into the dermatologist and it turned out to be like 10, and we got them frozen off, so he couldn't walk a lot but we still managed to do the work like normal for the most part. Well, I gotta get going on the school application but know that I love you guys! Be safe and have a great week!

-Elder Skene

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