Monday, February 4, 2013


Hey so I'm not really gonna have time to write you each individually this week due to applying to BYU and all but I'll try to make this as informative as I can, and if there's time left I'll try to send you each something, but as always I loved you emails and it's awesome to get to hear from you and see how things are going. So I got the transfer calls and it looks like I'll be training Elder Cook from Florida, I don't know a lot about him, just that apparently he likes Star Wars so that's a plus. I'm gonna send you guys some stuff soon if I can that I was able to get, like a legit Russian version of monopoly that was in the Severny apartment when I served with Elder Jacobson, but now that board games are against the rules I'm just gonna send it home, it's a smaller box than usual. I think you'll like it.

Other than that this week wasn't super active and full of meetings or anything, it just seemed that a lot of things fell through. We are still waiting on our investigator to get out of the hospital so we can baptism him, and we are still working with the woman who promised to be baptised in February. We recently received a referral from the Severny Elders that's a couple that was interested in the Gospel, the first time the Elders came in contact with them we received the referral but there was a missing digit, so we weren't able to reach them. I woke up in the morning a few days later with a feeling that somehow we were going find an investigator who would show real interest, I really wanted to express faith and confidence in the work and that things would progress here in Selmash. Later that same day I received a call from Severny, after they ran into those same people again after they waved the Elders down. They were asking why the Elders didn't call them and they were excited about and interested in the Church. They then promptly took down there number and gave them a Book of Mormon, and didn't hesitate to pass it on to us, now we are planning to meet with them this week. I know that if we express faith, the Lord will bless us, sometimes it's not always his will for things to go the way that we want, but it seems that if we just ask in faith, we will receive it.

I love you guys, have a great week and be safe!

-Elder Skene

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