Monday, February 18, 2013


Hey I wrote you guys already quite a bit but this will refer more to my week here. This week I experienced what I would consider a miracle. We have an investigator in her 40's named Natalia who is to be baptized on the 24th of February, and we have completed all of the lessons but the last half of lesson 4, and all have been with a member present. She was planning to come to church and have another lesson with us but she had to go to the hospital because she drank some solution that looked like water and it messed with her body. We went to the hospital on Friday at the time we originally schedule the lesson and towards the end of the lesson I felt inspired to tell her that if she would exercise enough faith, she would be able to attend sacrament meeting. The next day Elder Cook and I were on the street walking contacting and we received a phone call informing us that she wouldn't be released from the hospital until the following Monday, thus she wasn't able to come to church. I honestly wasn't 100 percent sure what to think after that, I knew that the prompting that I received wasn't something that I just thought up in my mind, it was something that she needed to hear. Sunday morning broke, and she was at church attentive as ever, and was able to attend sacrament meeting. She told us that she just left a note at her bedside and came to Church, and then returned to the hospital. We are finishing the lessons this week and have the baptismal interview scheduled, and we're really excited for things to happen. That's about it for this week, until next Monday, stay classy and may the force be with you!

-Elder Skene

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