Monday, March 11, 2013

Tales from Selmash

Hey everyone, still working on wrapping up the college stuff so this will be shorter, so this week we worked hard and saw miracles, working with active members who were beginning to lose their vision or inactives who have lost their way, multiple people opened up to us that we would have never thought would, people who were claimed by others to never want to see the missionaries, let alone talk to them. It gives me hope and faith that I know that if we try our best here Elder Cook and I can feel successful and make things happen, even if that means that our work down the road will make a huge difference. When things go rough and it seems that we just can never hit gold no matter how hard we search, it's important to keep in mind the future and the eternal perspective. Many people in the book of Mormon saw little to no success, but they were successful, what a principle, only in the Gospel can one really make it or break invisibly. It doesn't matter if we had tons of baptisms or none at all as long as we go down fighting, as long as we finish strong and keep the faith. If we work hard and try our best then we really don't have anything to worry about. We are hoping and praying every day that our work will bear some fruit that we can see with our own eyes, but if not, we will carry on and keep a smile on our faces. I love you guys, have a great week and stay safe, and always remember to keep the eternal perspective in mind as we all constantly have to remind ourselves of these principles and teachings.

-Elder Skene

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