Monday, March 4, 2013

Tales from Selmash

Hey everyone, I wish I could tell you all the crazy stories of everything that happens here but they don't want us writing things like that home. Don't worry though, I'm keeping track of everything and writing it down in my journals or my notebook. This week we were able to get two member present lessons, and two promises that this next Sunday we will have some people at Church, one of the two seems a little bit more on the iffy side of things but hey, it happens. We met with Tolik on the street and have had a lesson with him and he accepted the soft baptismal commitment, and Yura, our other investigator, said he would come meet us at the branch sometime this week, and while we were waiting for Tolik, I should have payed attention more but it seemed like he wouldn't come for a second but my doubt was swept away to be honest, I just knew that he would come, like a confirmation from the spirit, and low and behold he showed up and it was a good lesson. As we were wrapping up he shared with us his desire to start a family and how he hopes that God will help him, so of course we are gonna jump on that in our next meeting with him. But the work rolls forward here and we are really trying to do everything in our power to make things happen, but as seen with events in the past, we really can't influence anyone's agency, but we can have faith that they will make the right choices, and follow the spirit that we know they are feeling. It's amazing to see how much you care about people you've just met, and their salvation, back home it was usually like, oh well if he wants to hate someone or something to each his own, but here it's something totally different, you pray and fast for people you may never even see again, and desire them to partake of the fruit that the Lord has blessed us with a chance to partake of. All and all, despite it's setbacks, things in Selmash are going well. I love you guys, the Church is true! Have a great week, I'll be seeing you before you know it!

-Elder Skene

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