Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 3! MTC

November 23rd, 2011
Hello Family and Friends!!!
Ok so I'll try to keep this as entertaining as possible. The MTC is usually pretty good and everything is getting easier. We have a Fireside every Sunday and a Devotional on Tuesdays, they are almost the same thing, everyone in the MTC goes into the gym and listens to somebody speak. We have mainly heard random church office people, nobody super famous or anything. However, we heard one of the Presidency of the Quorum of the Seventy last week which was awesome, he gave a talk on the apostasy and 10 reasons why it happened. I thought it was really cool, a lot of it was backed up quite a bit by some groovy facts that I've never heard of or thought of before. That talk being cool and all, and one of my favorites, I'm not sure how it compares to the talk we had last night, which was Tuesday, one of the 12 apostles came and spoke to us! It was D. Todd Christopherson, and he spoke on missionary work and talked about how we shouldn't look at it as a burden, but that we should look at it as privilege, because that's what it is. We get to wear Jesus Christ on us and speak in his name, preform miracles and service, and bring others unto Christ. After we have devotionals, not firesides, we go into our classroom and talk about it for about an hour. It's pretty cool. I had a very spiritual experience last night when we talked about it, it was just what I had needed and prayed for. We rotate around the room and take turns saying what we thought, I was one of the first to speak and I didn't have anything very particular to say, but I had in my mind what I thought I was gonna say about it and I had it rehearsed in my head, when it came to being just about my turn, I couldn't for the life of me remember what I was going to say, It was literally taken from my heard haha. So then I just said what Instantly entered my head and an overwhelming presence of the spirit came over me, it was awesome. Right after it was my turn it remembered what I was going to say originally after the Elder after me started talking.
I also feel the spirit a lot when we sing hymns sometimes, those are generally a good time. I'm not sure what else to say, I don't have enough time on here to list all of the stories that I have experienced here. If you have any questions just ask. I think dad wanted to know how gym worked, well I usually go play volleyball or basketball for a few minutes, and then run on the track for a few miles with my friend Elder Christianson who is also going to Russia. Everybody does split in teams to answer your other question. Now to answer the question that everybody seems to have, the food here is not great but its okay haha. I am thoroughly convinced that Russian has to be by far one of the hardest languages on earth for an English speaker to learn, and I have a testimony of the Gift of Tongues, we are learning a lot of it and sometimes it can be hard to remember, but when we are teaching investigator's as they're role playing, you can feel the spirit almost speak through you and you remember things that you didn't before and sometimes you say things you never have that convey the message, it's really cool actually.
I want to wish Mom a very happy birthday! I know it will be great! I love you mom so much and thanks for you letters and everything! Thank you for all the stuff you send me and supporting me on my mission. I want to say thanks to everybody who has supported me and wrote me too, the letters are just awesome to get! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and May the Force be with You! Until next week!
-Elder Skene

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