Thursday, December 29, 2011

MTC Week 8!

Hey so there's not much to report this week except for somebody got the idea that my laundry supplies would work best when used on their clothes, so those are gone... Also our district gets to go clean the Provo Temple today, so that will be pretty cool hopefully, but it's for 3.5 hours so I wonder what they are gonna have us do. We have 2 new teachers, and 2 sub teachers, one of our new permanent teachers was born in Russia and she is still learning how to speak English and she won't speak to us in English hardly ever, so when I thought it wasn't really possible, we speak even more Russian during the day. Anyways, I want to thank you all again for the Christmas stuff, and all of your letters, I love the CTR ring! It's pretty classy, I also loved the marzipan and the beef jerky, those are my favorite things to get. I liked it all though. The gospel and language stuff is coming along better and better but it gets more and more complex every single day. We play UNO now at night time in our room, it gets pretty competitive haha.
By the way, Aunt Cheri's tree looked great, that was really nice of you all to do that for her, I'm sure she loved it! As far as the "tunnel" thing goes, I've looked around and I haven't found anything, I'll need more specifics. Can you send the address's again that you sent me in that one dear elder from a little while back, the one with address from people in the ward and family friends? I'm sorry to hear about Dave Pugh, I hope he's okay, I'll be sending him a letter soon, I did manage to find his address.
So if you do end up sending me a package, could I just have some beef jerky and/or marzipan, I don't need anything else, I'm just loaded with sweets in our room, beef jerky is like gold around here, because it's so rare to get it sent to you apparently. This is a really random email haha, I just have a lot of miscellaneous things to say. I love all you guys and I'm planning on writing you all letters when I get the chance. And what did you all get for Christmas?  Thanks for everything, until next week!
Elder Skene

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