Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Week 5 MTC

Okay so there's not a ton to say concerning this past week other than a few things. The old districts leave next week which is really kinda sad, I have made a lot of good friends with them. Also, sadly, Elder Isabell can't go to Russia anymore, he should be getting his call to somewhere in the US later today, he can't go because of his back problems, and Rostov was literally the mission that he wanted more than anything else before he even got his call, and when he got it he was ecstatic, and now it has been taken away from him, I guess the Lord is trying his faith, and because Elder Isabell is leaving, Elder Sandoval is my only companion and it has taken nearly all of my energy to motivate him to work and follow rules. I guess I didn't notice his lack of work before because Elder Isabell and I must have been doing almost all of it haha.
I just have to stay positive and even though it already has probably will continue to be a trial of my faith, I'll have to trust in the Lord that this is all for a good reason, because at the MTC it is incredibly difficult to deal with laziness and apathy, there's absolutely no room for them in missionary work. Anyway, tell everyone back at home that I said hi, and tell all the grandparents and Aunt Linda and Devon that I loved their letters and Dear Elders. I like all of your letters and Dear Elders too, but I can't write letters back very often, we are really busy here, and mail takes a day or so to leave the MTC, so I apologize that they didn't come super soon haha. Also, did you update the companion section on the blog? You do it by clicking on the little hammer and wrench icon next to the companion section box, also remember to copy and paste everything into the blog haha, not just parts of a post, thanks! Keep Elder Isabell in there, even though he is leaving. I'll try to let you know what I want for Christmas next week, I'll have to think about that one. As far as my debit card goes, we mostly buy Russian grammar and Gospel books, and then like a drink or something, and I have to get my clothes dry cleaned, and also I had to pay for a doctors appointment for like a swelling I had in my jaw and he gave me some antibiotics that I had to pay for. So now you know.
Anyway, I'm still trolling here and everything, one of my favorite things to do is shut off the bathroom light while people are in the stalls because there are no windows in the bathrooms here and no safety lights, so it's pitch black, and it's not like they're gonna get out of the stall and turn it back on, so it's hilarious to see their reaction, most of the time they become like desperate and call for help. Haha maybe it's way rude but oh well, it's priceless and we all do it. Also, we meet new missionaries on Wednesdays and I go greet them in different voices like Tim Gunn haha, it's so much fun, because their super paranoid and nervous because they just came in so their reactions are so subtle and they'll go along with anything because they've never been here before, haha you have to make fun where you can here, we do a bunch of other stuff too but I'll have to tell you maybe some other time. I also have to play the piano for Sacrament and Priesthood meetings on Sundays now.
Russian is coming along pretty well and so is the Gospel stuff, but it takes a lot of studying and practicing to get it down really well, especially with Russian, its' grammar is ridiculously difficult, and we never even had a lesson on the alphabet or how to pronounce words or anything, they just kinda assume you know it and they just throw you into it and immerse you into it all day basically. I think I might of told you that, it's been like that since day one, and of course by now we can pronounce things and read and write pretty well. Did I tell you that Russian literally has no helping verbs? So there are no words for the words "is" or "are" or "the" or "of" or anything like that, you can just tell where they would be depending on how each word in the sentence is conjugated, so literally each word has like at least six different ways to spell it due to the fact of there being six cases, sometimes like 15 different ways depending on if it's a verb or not. I'll tell you more about it later but you get kinda used to it after a while because you speak it so much.
Well I have to go now. I love you all! Talk to you next week.
Love, Elder Skene

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