Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Week 6!

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well, I'll tell you what's been happening here. So the older districts left and that was pretty hard, friendships form pretty fast here so it's hard to say goodbye to people who's company you enjoy, but I got all of their contact info so I'll be talking to them after the mission, and two of the people that I talked to a lot are going to Rostov, Elder Smith and Elder Roberts, and they're way funny, I hope I have them as companions. Some other funny and interesting stuff goes on but I'll save some stories for when I get home haha. Also, on Saturday, I injured my shoulder while playing volleyball, just like I did a few years ago, remember that? Except this time it was worse and they thought it could be kinda bad, because last time it took a few months to be totally back to normal, and so I was scared that it would be even worse this time, I got a blessing though from my district and literally right after the blessing I could move my arm without almost any pain, it was incredible, and now my arm is almost completely healed. The doctors and and the physical therapists are all surprised.
Also, Elder Sandoval is no longer my companion, we did something rather unusual and we have done companion transfers this week that will be permanent for the rest of the MTC because we are now at the halfway point. Elder Sandoval and Elder O'Neill are companions and Elder Wimber and I are companions, Elder Wimber is the one who looks kind of like Sean Hannity, me and him get along really well and like a lot of the same stuff, I'm pretty sure we would have been friends outside the mission if we would have met, but after the mission he wants to get some Star Wars stuff with us when he gets to BYU. Elder Isabell left last week too, he got reassigned as you might remember and he went to Long Beach, California English speaking but apparently there are an okay amount of Russians in Long Beach so that's good, hopefully he will get some opportunities to speak it. I am District Leader now too, so I'm gonna try to do that well. Russian and Language study are going along good and I'm liking it more as time goes on. I'll tell you more stuff in the next email! I love you all and the Church is true!
Elder Skene

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