Monday, March 5, 2012

William Wallace and the Mafia!

This week was, well interesting, really sad, scary, suprising, and just wild. First off, this is super, super, rare, this hardly ever happens, because of an issue with some people in Krasnodar, our zone leader's city, Elder Reigngard won't be finishing my training, we are getting transferred, he's going to Krasnodar to be a zone leader there. It makes me really sad, we got along way well and had so much fun, I learned a lot from him and he was my mission dad, I'll be staying here in this city though and my new companion is Elder Tropnikov, he's from Russia and he is also learning English, but he speaks it pretty good, I've met him a couple of times. He served with Elder Reigngard in Volgograd a while back, they are friends. So 2 native companions in a row at the beginning of the mission, super rare apparantly I guess, but he will be finishing my training and I'll be here for either 1 more transfer, or 3 more, it depends on whether or not he stays with me for the second transfer, because if he does, he will finish his misison here and I'll need to stay to show the next Elder who comes here around.
Haha now people have called me William Wallace because there was an accident when I was growing up and I lost my dad, and then my Dad's old friend comes to raise me haha. I say the Mafia because some guy came on the bus and roughed up me and Elder Reigngard a little bit and was way mad at us and he ripped off our missionary name tags (the clip on ones) and took them and then just got off the bus. This is pretty rare in the mission from what we have been told, but we'll get our tags back. He was wearing a black trenchcoat, black shoes, black suit, and a black shirt, and he wasn't drunk or high or anything, he had some teeth knocked out and he had scars on his arms that looked like burn marks, his clothes were pretty nice and he had really short, almost buzzed hair, he was like 6'5" and was like 280 pounds, so he wasn't a bum. Elder Reigngard and I suspect he was from the because he wasn't from the government or anything. It was pretty sketchy. But I AM FINE, no worries! There's other stuff that's happened this week like crazy people coming up to us all the time but I don't have much time here, I hope you are all doing well! I'm doing fine and we are still working with our Investigators and all that, and we are going to Krasnodar tommorow to switch companions and all that, we'll see what happens. But until then! Peace!
-Elder Skene

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