Monday, March 12, 2012

Word Up Yo!

Hello everyone! As you all know, I have a new companion now, Elder Tropnikov, like I wrote before, he was born in Northern Russia, relatively close to Moscow. We get along well enough, and things are running smooth, but not as well as me and Elder Reigngard but it's okay, I'm attaching a photo of him, and some more photos of random happenstances as usual. Not a ton of news this week, we have two baptisms scheduled for this Sunday though! So that's exciting. We went to Krasnodar like I said last week and that was way fun, Elder Reigngard and I hung out with my mission grandpa Elder Kuslev for 2 days, you might say it was a family reunion. Other than that however, nothing is super interesting, just the usual no water and power outages every now and then, and our washing machine broke so we're off to find a new one after I write these letters. I hope you're all doing well as usual and from your letters it sounds like it. About the name tag thing, the Mission President already knows and we're all good and getting new ones asap, we don't tell the cops or anything because there wasn't any violence. 
So news from last week that I for some reason forgot to write, from trolling, Elder Reigngard and I found a new investigator, who is now mine and Elder Tropnikov's investigator haha. Let me explain, so when Elder Reigngard and I would take public transport, which is pretty much every day when we need to go somewhere far, we would usually speak in English when we got on the bus and everyone would look around and try to listen in and pretty much we would catch the attention of the whole bus, people would usually then proceed to talk about us in Russian, thinking of course that we couldn't understand them, we then would start talking in Russian and people would be surprised, shocked, and a number of other reactions after hearing us speak their language, it was way funny. When we did this one night some guy walked up to us and started talking to us about things and thought it was pretty interesting, we are now teaching him! With Elder Tropnikov I don't troll though, he's not into that kind of stuff and he's more serious about some stuff and he's really proud of his country so he doesn't like it when people mess around in it. Ah well. Well other than that there's not to much to talk about, the gospel and language stuff is coming along as usual. I love you all! Keep it real!

-Elder Skene


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