Monday, March 26, 2012

I forgot my camera!

Okay everyone, yesterday I was pretty excited to show you pictures of me and my new comp, random stuff, and a baptism with Igor, but unfortunately I forgot my camera, and the baptism never happened because he's sick, but hopefully he gets better so we can do it, it was way sad when it couldn't happen and everyone was ready for it, apparently nobody has been baptized in my area for 4 years or so, so it would have been awesome, but hopefully this next Sunday he can be baptized, and hopefully Mesha can be baptized soon to, he just isn't quite ready I guess, so it will be a couple weeks probably until we baptize him. Not a ton of new stuff to report this week, like I wrote earlier, I have a new comp (Elder Belnap) because Elder Tropnikov has health issues among other things. We are the youngest companionship in the whole mission, by a big amount actually, Elder Belnap has only been in Russia a few months more than I have, haha so it's an adventure to do missionary work but I have seen lots of progress in Russian lately, because we have so much responsibility now, and we both have confidence that we can do stuff despite us being such a young companionship. It really builds your testimony, to see how much God lifts us up and makes our weaknesses our strengths and our strengths even better. He is pretty cool though so everything here is good pretty much. 
The weather here is getting better mainly, it's warming up more and it makes missionary work easier to do. I don't think I ever said this to you guys but here's something interesting, the way my name is translated in Russian literally means "Skinhead" like the Nazi gang group, it is spelled the exact same way, it would be like Elder Skinhead in America, can you imagine that? Well you don't have to because it's real, only in a different country ha, ha. In Russia there is a pretty negative connotation that Nazi's carry, even worse than in America, probably because of World War 2 mainly, I usually don't wear my name tag here because of what happened anyways, but I'm fine, don't worry about anything, I'll be okay! It's just a funny thing ha, ha. Anyways, I'll send pics next week, I don't have much more to report though, we have been traveling for the first half of the week mainly, the rail lines here detour everywhere and they aren't that fast, but the roads are about just as windy and indeterminate, so traveling here is kinda slow and you have to stay at other Elder's apartments a lot when you go anywhere, but that's okay because there are so many cool missionaries in this mission, I loved seeing people in Rostov. I've pretty much met and spent time with almost everybody here, all 32 of us ha, ha. I love you guys! Stay safe! Until next week!

-Elder Skene

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