Monday, May 28, 2012

Maybe a Transfer!

Hey! I can't say for sure whether or not I received a transfer yet, because I don't know for sure yet, because there might be some last minute changes apparantly, but as of now I'm staying here! CRAZY! Being with the same companion and in the same area for 3 or 4 transfers is nearly unheard of, and in an area like Novorossiysk where you never see anyone, that's insane, I was honestly kind of hoping that I would have been transferred, because I really wanted to go see and experience new areas and people, I'm so grateful for the people I've met and some of the experiences I've been able to have here though! I found out that apparently my transfer was dead set on me going to Rostov with a zone leader! Haha that was my dream, when you have a mission of about 30 Elders everyone knows everyone and I love that kid up there, but that's not gonna happen I guess. Oh well, I just gotta do as Gandalf says, "Do the best I can with the time that's been given to me." If I stay here there are some cool perks I guess though, I'll get to see Brad's family, well some of them, and work with some of the people here more, and see the south in spring time.
Other than that there wasn't much new this week, other than the standard encounters with the drunk and insane, but we actually managed to have a smoothly scheduled week though, which isn't too common haha. We are having a harder time with our investigators though, but we're still working with them, it's frustrating to see the potential that everyone has and how much work they can do, and then they just don't use it, it's tough to watch, especially as a missionary. But it reminds me of how God must see us when we make a mistake or don't do what we should or don't use our potential sometimes, his mercy and love is truly infinite and incomprehensible to us, we're just so blessed to be able to experience it though and be forgiven and given second chances.
We travel up to Krasnodar today for Elder Belnap's visa trip. So we'll see how that goes, it should be a fun time, because after we get to Krasnodar we travel with almost everyone in our zone up to Rostov. I'll tell you how that goes. Well everything is pretty smooth and normal here and we have more water now haha, but our bathroom keeps flooding! Haha Novo is a good time! Well that's about it for this week, I love you guys and I miss you, stay safe! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!
-Elder Skene

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