Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Victory Day!

Hello everyone! Happy Victory Day here in Russia, this is our P-Day, that's why I didn't write on Monday, I apologize for no forewarning, they told us the night before. Anyways, well Victory Day is pretty cool, people are out on the streets EVERYWHERE, so many people! I'll be sure to take photos of all the stuff I can! Victory Day of course is celebrating the end of World War 2, but honestly, in Russia, it's just a celebration of Russia's military power, and full of the propaganda of how the US, Britain, and France didn't do anything in the War except for walk into Berlin after Russia did all the work, I mean they're right about France, but Russia has a huge pride when it comes to the Armed Forces.
We went to Anapa this week, so I'm sending some photos of that if I can attach anything, the computers here have issues today, as always, I don't even know if you'll  get this email. We went to the Branch Presidents art show, it was way cool, his name is Damir Krivenko, I think I've told you that before though. We have a little less water than last week and still have to deal with that, but yeah I on the bright side it toughens us up, like you said. We also have the usual, crazy people and skin heads trying to mess with us, but nothing happened so it's all good. I can't really write any more because I'm spending money to try to fix this problem with this comp so I can at least send this, so no personal emails this week probably, we don't have time now because of this, sorry. Well I'll call you guys on mothers day sometime between 3pm and 8pm my time here in Novo, either on Skype or on the phone, so look for both. I love you guys, until next week! 

-Elder Skene

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