Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Week Gone By!

Hey everyone! So this week turned out to be pretty interesting as it was pretty cooled down at the start of the week, now the temperature has gone back up a bit but things are still more mild which is better for us, here the temperature seems to stay pretty consistent through the day and night, it reminds of me of summer nights back home, and how much I loved the summers before I left. So the news for this week, we have 5 people we are working with 2 of which are a couple, Andrei and Eva we see them about once a week and they are way cool, a random lady who showed up at church, a man named Yuri from Ukraine, he's a stud and comes to English club and is reading the book of Mormon, and a Serbian named Lubomeer. So we have to see what happens as we continue to work with them! That's about all the news from this week though, we are doing pretty good and continuing to do missionary work as usual. In your personal emails I tried to update you more on what's new so you'll have to take a look at those to see how the mission is progressing. I forgot that Dad's birthday is next week, not this one haha, but I'll be sending you guys a Christmas package, hopefully that will make up for all the holidays I'm missing, one question for all you though, I don't know what happened to my HDMI cables when I left, they all just turned up in different parts of the house, they are all grey and one is orange and black, let me know if you see them around outside of my room haha. That's about it for this week, I love you guys, stay safe and have an awesome week!

-Elder Skene

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