Monday, September 3, 2012

A Russian Blessing!

Hey guys! So this week was pretty interesting. Things went pretty standard and we met with some of our investigators, but on Saturday and Sunday things got pretty intense. We met a random guy who lived in the US for like 20 years who speaks English almost without an accent who wants to maybe meet with us, a guy wanted to take Elder Gill's name tag and started shoving us around and we then just walked away and he threw his subway sandwich at us haha, a guy was passed out and needed an ambulance on the steps of the branch building right before district meeting, and then we gave a total of 4 blessings on Sunday, and of course they were all in the Russian which was awesome.

This was the first time I have ever given a blessing of comfort or healing, and it was in Russian! Good story right? We gave two at church, one with oil and one without, and then after church we went with a member to the hospital to bless a younger kid in our branch named Nikita and then we blessed a Nurse their and talked about the Gospel with the hospital staff and got a number and taught a lesson there with some members. As the Nurse we blessed got up she had tears in her eyes, and the spirit was so strong, It felt like the spirit was with us so much on Sunday, and I guess the spirit is with you the most when you are trying your hardest to extend yourself to others and truly be an instrument in Christ's hands to accomplish his purposes, and it's amazing to see how people can be prepared for things through the Lord or by experiences, maybe even some experiences that he helped come to fruition to help shape that person, and change them, I feel like he does that to us so much as missionaries, and it feels like so many of our mission experiences are just for us and only us, and the Lord has them play out in just the right way to change us or humble us or bless us like he wants too. I love this Gospel and how it has changed others that I've seen and how it continues to change all of us, even if sometimes we don't realize it, the hard part is sometimes those changes have had to be through hard circumstances, but as we continue to grow and learn I hope that the Lord will bless all of us. Things are rolling forward and we'll have to see what is in store next week! I love you guys, have a great week and stay safe! Until next Monday!

-Elder Skene

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