Monday, September 10, 2012

High Numbers!

Hey everyone! So this email will be shorter due to time but things here are pretty good and we had a lot of success this week, we got 18 lessons, and are still working with our investigators, but we haven't made permanent success yet if that makes sense, like baptism, but things are pretty good though. This week will probably be slower though because we have to stay inside for a while because we are getting a new floor haha so it will be way cool, but no we don't have hot water for some reason, but we'll see what happens, hopefully it doesn't last more than a day or two. Other than that this week felt kinda slower but things were pretty good, I don't have any crazy stories though but I'm loving learning more about the gospel and learning more Russian. I am really liking the language more and more, and the Gift of Tongues is for sure real, I'm so thank full that God has allowed me and others to be able to speak, read, and write as much as he allowed us to, it's interesting to see how things change over time and how I seriously sometimes have trouble with English haha, I can't wait to watch some Russian movies when I get back and speak some Russian for you guys, and if you guys come to Russia or if we go sometime when I get home it will be awesome to take you around and go places, it's definitely worth visiting, but all in all things are pretty good and moving forward. I love you guys, have a great week, and stay safe, Happy Anniversary!

-Elder Skene

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