Monday, September 17, 2012

Sick Week!

Hey! So this email will be pretty short as there isn't much to report on, I'll try to send some photos but this was kinda a sick week like as in I was feeling pretty but it's nothing to worry about, I'm fine, but I'm starting to feel better now and should be pretty normal this week, I don't know what it was but it just felt like a cold maybe, but we try to stay pretty clean here so I am left to guess as to what it was from. We don't have to new floor yet, that will have to be this week now, but if I can send photos either this week or the next I will try to take some before and after photos and just some photos of the apartment to send you guys. We'll see what happens though. Things are still moving forward with our investigators and we are looking forward to this week, besides having to stay in while the floor gets put in I guess, but who knows haha maybe it will be good times haha. To answer Dad's question, I haven't talked to Brad since Novo, I think I'm just gonna see how he is doing after I get back. My package to you guys is just about finished and I'll be sending it this week or next, so in case I leave Rostov it will already be in the mail. That's about it for this week, stay safe and thanks for everything! I love you guys! May the Force be with You!

-Elder Skene

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