Monday, January 28, 2013

A Miracle

Hey this is gonna be short but some cool stuff happened this week, an answer to our prayers and fasts that have gone on for a few weeks, our investigator who seemed to have vanished without a trace a week or two before the baptism came to Church and stayed for all the meetings! It turns out that what we thought was the case, an unexpected problem occurred, he had been in the hospital for some issues with his heart, and now he has to get heart surgery in a couple of days and will be returning to Rostov after it in probably about a month, and then we will baptism him assuming all goes as planned. He came from the hospital just to come to Church and then went right back, and many of the members here were very welcoming to him and they based their lessons around helping him as much as they could as he willingly read and participated with everything, it went pretty well. He will probably go up to Moscow or another city up in the North for the operation, and we will try to keep in contact with him, and before we left we gave him a blessing with Branch President in his office, and it went well. Other than that there isn't a lot to report this week, we have just been working and have gotten a couple appointments and contacts through the area book, but they haven't usually happened due to a cancellation at the last minute. What can you do though, just your best to try to keep working.

Thanks for everything, you guys have a great week and stay safe! I love you!

-Elder Skene

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