Monday, April 2, 2012

A Baptism!

Hey! So as the title says, we had a baptism, Igor the Army Man got baptised! It was awesome! I got to baptise him, I had never heard how to do it before in Russian so it was interesting, but it worked out and it was way spiritual and cool! I was talking to him before the baptism about his life a little bit more, he was in the Russian Army for 14 years, fought in the Chechnian War, and left as a Major in Recon. Way cool right? The first person I baptised in Russia was almost as high as a general in the Russian Military, epic! Well other than that there isn't too much to report, we did it in a sauna thing because everyone agreed that it was a little too cold to do it in the Black Sea unless it was our only option. I'm attaching pictures of course too. 
The baptism made the whole week so much better, it's been tough lately. We haven't had any water for almost the entire week, and the weather has been way bad so missionary work has been difficult. But it's all good! To answer some of your questions, I don't know when the next zone conference will be, we already had one for this transfer, which ends in like a week or two. I don't anticipate being moved, but I can't say for sure. I don't know anything about the Ukraine visa trip yet, but I'll let know as soon as a I do. The President knows that we aren't wearing our nametags usually, especially since we literally don't have them yet. The replacements haven't come, they probably will next transfer. We'll see what happens. 

I don't have any crazy stories from this week that I can particularly remember, just the average crazy people and everything. Things are running smooth and the language is coming along. This week I may be going to a dacha (a Russian country cottage thing) to do service for a member, it's apparantly pretty far away in the woods, we'll be cutting wood I guess, with chainsaws, which will be rad. So that's about all for now. I love and miss you guys! Stay safe! Until next week!

-Elder Skene


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