Monday, April 23, 2012

A New Name!

Hey everyone! So the visa trip was cool, everything went fine for the most part, the whole first half of the trip before we got to Donetsk, a few people in the car were saying that we were lucky because nothing is gonna happen on this visa trip and it's going to be boring and normal, that was until we got to Donetsk, when our mission driver parked in a bus drop off/pick up zone and the police came and well all and all he got a ticket and they raged at us, but the Ukraine is cool I guess, it looks a ton like Russia, almost no difference honestly. I'm sending a photo of when we stopped for lunch. I'm also sending a photo of a prank that some Elders in my zone played on me, remember how I told you that they forgot the package when they came on splits down here in Novorosysisk? Well wen I went up to Krasnodar to spend a night there with the zone leaders for my visa trip, it was epic, there was a lot of people there, like 8, that's almost 1/3 of our 30 elder mission haha, anyways, they made a fake package from an older one that was addressed to Elder Hill, and they put my address labels on it and everything, it looked way legit, and then they set up a hidden camera before I opened it, they know I like trolling and I've been trolling them too so it's all good, anyways, so the package was filled with dirt, I literally thought it was the package from you guys, the reaction was hilarious, it was so funny, I love seeing the other elders, but I got my real package of course though, and I love it, thanks! Speaking of that, I think I'll just get some Russian shoes here, the style is so rad, looks like the Grinch kind of haha, what do you think? Also could you send the movie 17 Miracles too? It's also allowed and it's pretty good too, if it's not too much to ask. I have no idea about the next transfers to answer your question but I can pretty much guarantee that I'm leaving to another area and by the way things swing in our mission, it looks like I'll probably go to either southern Rostov, Sochi, or Krasnodar, but we'll see what happens, I hope it will be a great transfer!
Anyways, things here are good, we're still just moving along with everything. Oh and by the way my name got changed to Elder Travis here due to the whole skin head thing so that will be my new name tags, funny right? Today after we write this we might go look at the oil pumping facilities with Brad, he's the American member who lives here that I've been telling you about, he's way awesome and he's like 53 and works for Chevron, we usually eat with him and his wife on Sundays, but he asked us to come up if we wanted to because it's pday so we said why not and so we are gonna go up hopefully, they pump over a million barrels a day, so it will be cool to see I think, I'll need to get some pictures. Other than that not too much news, almost my whole week was spent traveling, about 27 hours in total, no joke. Well I love you guys so much, I don't have much time to write this week though, the computer here crashed 3 times, so I had to fool around with stuff for like 20 minutes just trying to get things working, so I'll have to keep in shorter in my emails to you guys personally. Well I'll let you know if I find out about my transfer, but it will be in about 5 weeks when I do so I'll just have to wait until then, for mothers day in the second Sunday in May right? If so, Brad will be back in town and he offered to let us use his Ipad and his Imac for skype so we can see each other while we talk, way cool, I guess you guys could just use Dad's Ipad for that, but we'll see what happens! I love you all and may the force be with you!

-Elder Skene (Or perhaps I should say Elder Travis)

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