Monday, April 16, 2012

Visa Trip Baby!

Hello everyone! First off, thanks for your letters and pictures, really they are awesome. I kinda thought best buy could be tanking, even when I was there, I followed the stock throughout my time working and it was getting pretty low, then again though that was at a time when a ton of stocks were getting low and then rocketing back up, except for BBY haha. Anyways, as I've told you all I would tell you about my visa trip as soon as I found out the news, and now I have! I leave tomorrow for Donetsk, Ukraine. I will travel first to Krasnodar tomorrow, spend a night there, then Rostov, spend a night there, then go to Donetsk and back, which is about a 13 or 14 hour round trip. Then I'll spend another night in Rostov, then back to Krasnodar to spend another night, then back to Novo, which will be on Saturday, wild right? At least my visa went through all right apparently though. My visa group consists of Elder Sandoval, Elder Mantell, The Potters who are a senior couple here, Sister Witaker, and Elder Smidt. I know all these people pretty well actually except for Elder Smidt, I've only met him once and we just went to Subway in Rostov when I first got to Russia is all, but they're all way rad.
This week was pretty interesting, we watched conference in Russian and I've seen in in English, but we understand what they're saying when we watch it in Russian so it's good. Watching it reminded me of when I went to Priesthood Session with Dad and then to the Red Iguana, that was so cool, one of the best Saturday nights I've ever had.  Anyways, so Elder Reingard and Elder Sprouse who are the zone leaders, (well actually just Elder Reingard is, Elder Sprouse is too young in the mission), they forgot my package when they came on splits, so I'll have to get it tomorrow when I go up to Krasnodar. This week was cool, I'm just sending up a picture of the Church meeting we had yesterday, we painted eggs and ate cake and watched conference, just some of the people are in that photo who come to church, we usually have about 15 people a week or so come to sacrament meeting. The testimonies of these people are amazing. We have 2 Americans like I said in the ward, Brad and Linda, he works for Chevron, we have been to his house for dinner twice, he's so sick, he helps us with church stuff and missionary work but he doesn't actually speak any Russian, he has a translator at his job haha. They are in the picture I sent. We also go sign boarding, it's kinda fun actually, I sent a picture of that too, it's where we talk to people like on the beach or in the park as they walk by our sign, it's cool. Also, I found out that I'll stay in Novo for one more transfer with Elder Belnap, which is cool but kinda made me a little annoyed due to the water and terrible apartment situation here, our area is known throughout the mission as the worst apartment, but we are getting more water now haha, things are improving and I can't complain, life is what you make of it, and as they say in the church, callings are seldom convenient. I just gotta make the best of it, we've already had success and I love the members here! Well not too much else, Igor couldn't be confirmed again because he has a way sick daughter at home, like she has a disease or something I guess. But he promised he could make it next week, he's pretty cool so it's good. Also, we went to Anapa this week, it was sick, google earth it, it's actually part of our proselyting area. Well until next week! I love you all, and May the Force be with You!

-Elder Skene

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