Monday, July 23, 2012

A Wild Week!

Hey everyone, I'm glad that you all recieved my package that I was able to send and everything turned out well and you guys like the stuff that I was able to send! It's rad! I wonder how long it took exactly, but it sounds like it was relatively short. So to answer your questions, Rostov is different, largely different in the regard of the proximity of other missionaries and most other things that are going on, but it's just faster paced and a lot of fun sometimes. Today we went to the Presidents house, and we had a big party with the whole Rostov zone. We had a water fight, food, and an epic ping pong tournament. This whole week was even more crazy because my companion, who I like serving with for sure and it's a change of pace to answer your other question, he got way sick, so sick that we were gonna go to Moscow to see a doctor, I'm fine and he is better now but the whole week was like chilling and we were uncertain of what was up, 2 nights and like 3 days of the week we were just in the mission home with the Mission President and his wife, they are awesome. So all is well now, but it was just crazy because they didn't know what he had and he went to the hospital and just in the end it was a big toss up on a lot of things. Haha I realize that this doesn't make the week sound exciting or intense but it was when your comp is on the verge of going to Moscow because he's way sick.
So other than that I was way surprised because the President made me a district leader which I was kinda blown away by, and just that all along with the sickness stuff, hanging out with missionaries today at the party, and just everything else. Just for the record, the internet here is out of this world, and by out of this world I mean it's so bad that it doesn't belong in this world, with dial-up we could have gotten more work done, and I'm not kidding, not just that but there isn't any way for me to send you photos even if the internet did work, honestly I don't even know if I'm gonna get to send this letter, but we'll see. Our apartment here is for sure better than in Novorossysk, but not a ton better, but I have to be thankful for it none the less, Russia is way awesome in a lot of cool ways and it's way epic, but to be totally honest, I have never seen a more depressing and dirty looking place in a lot of locations and towns I've been too, we live in a straight up concrete jungle haha, but I'm not here on my errand, I'm here for the Lord and I just have to remember that he wanted me to go to the Russia Rostov mission, for one reason or another, but I'm really glad I came here in a lot of ways, there is a bunch of cool sights, cool food, epic language, and just crazy stuff all over the place all the time haha. Well this is for sure pretty abrupt, but I gotta go because half the time we had here in the Internet club was spent on loading my email inbox, but I love you guys, stay safe! Until next week!
-Elder Skene

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