Monday, July 9, 2012

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up

Hey guys! Happy Fourth of July, and from the pictures it looks like you had an awesome time at Lake Powell! So as you noticed in my last email I and Elder Belnap are safe and alive. Brad here and his family are also safe, thankfully in our section of the town we didn't receive a ton of damage everywhere, but there was a lot of flooding, we walked in a foot or two of water every time we left the apartment or came home, and we woke up on Saturday morning when the raining finally stopped to find that our bathroom and kitchen flooded, although the damage isn't super severe and we weren't hit way had like some other people we know, and especially where brad lives wasn't too bad because he is in a really elevated location. The bad news is that we have no water but I guess that's old news, and we've had power jumps, so we have to go to the grocery store and grab some bread every time we eat and we can't shower, and our water reserves are out, we only have drinking water now, although, I would assume this is largely due to the flood damage, but we can go to the branch to brush our teeth and wash our faces though haha.
In our area of the city there wasn't much damage, however, in other areas, like in the home of our investigators Andrei and Artyom, they have a foot and a half of water all in and throughout there house, and they're not alone, we offered to help out with anyone that we heard of that got hit pretty hard but they wouldn't let us help because they wanted us to do work elsewhere, some of the people here and just incredible individuals, they have always been so kind and nice to us when they have nothing, it's really compelling to be a part of, but thankfully all the members are safe as far as we know. After church yesterday we all got together as a branch and got a bunch of supplies together for the people in Kryimsk, which is a village that we pass through every time we go to Krasnodar and come back, it's pretty close by, and I remember that a couple days before we left for zone conference on Wednesday, we contacted a pretty nice guy who was visiting Novorossysk, and was on his way back to Kryimsk where he lived, it's just odd to think of where he might be know. I'm attaching some photos of the damage here in Novorossysk, where there is a bunch of debris in the bay. I'll try to get more when I go up to Krasnodar through Kryimsk tomorrow.
So I have a visa a trip on Thursday, I've already been out for about 9 months now! Also, I'm being transferred to Rostov! I'll be serving with Elder Gill in an area called Severny in Northern Rostov, he's a good kid, I knew him in the MTC. I'll be senior companion, so I'll have to try to work hard and be an example, but I'm way excited. I'm very thankful for the times I had here and the people I met, I will miss many of the so much, and it's hard to say goodbye, but at the same time it's good to have a new experience. That's the good news that I talked about, I'll tell you the other news in my person emails to you, but I gotta piece, I love you guys, stay safe and have a great week!
-Elder Skene

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