Monday, July 30, 2012

An Odd Transfer So Far

Hello everyone! So this week was kinda interesting. A lot of the week we were just busy doing meetings with other missionaries and running around with errands, English club stuff, etc. We didn't get a ton of missionary work done but we did get a couple numbers and lessons, and one of them is a good story. So on Friday we had District Meeting, and Saturday we had Zone Conference, both of which went well, but after District meeting we went to go get a team tie to wear for zone conference, and we didn't end up getting any ties, but what we did get is a cool story. Elder Roberts, my buddy in Selmosh, (an area in our district) had really been praying hard for an investigator to teach, a new number to get. He and I were looking to get a little soda and we were walking around and we just happened to stop at a particular drink stand after passing so many ones similar to it. The lady inside noticed who we were and asked us if we had a Book of Mormon, and we looked around and Elder Roberts had one to give her with the church invitation for his area in it, we found out that she lived in the boundaries of Selmosh, where Elder Roberts is serving, and she had seen the missionaries a long time ago and always wanted to get a Book of Mormon from them but never saw them again, she waited for years, then we just happened to stop in at that exact stand and give her the Book, and it must of truly been an answer to her prayers as is was to Elder Robert's prayers. I'm excited to see what happens with them in the future!

So other than that I have worked with the Mission Leadership on the skin stuff and they have had doctors look at it and they just said for now to just keep and eye on it, I would send you pictures but like I said we can't lately because we don't have access to a USB port but we will try to find one, and we can still only use Internet for a short time once a week on Mondays, when I was with Elder Roberts it was an exception for him. Other than that this week I know have a lump in my throat where they think a gland would be and they're not sure if it's an abscess or an infection but I'm taking some medication for it, I stopped taking the amoxicillin indefinitely though, I don't want to build up a resistance to it, and I figured that the recommended dose of 1000mg every morning for this long might be too much, but there is nothing to worry about yet, we'll see what happens, I just figured I would tell you now so if they're was something that had to be done like lancing an abscess, then you would already be in the loop but the Mission President and his wife are fully aware of the situation and know what's up, they'll call for sure if something merits it, but otherwise you can assume that everything is ok. This transfer has been so odd because it's just been one of us sick after the other, it's already coming up on half-way over and it feels like not much has happened, but we'll see what the future holds. I love you guys, stay safe, and until next week!

-Elder Skene

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