Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hey so this week I kinda updated you all on so far through personal emails, but we have just been doing the work and trying to stay healthy haha, but we did have Zone Conference last week, and that was pretty sweet, but other than that we have been visiting members/investigators, like the married couple that Elder Gill and I met with that was a referral from the Selmash Elders, and our newer investigator who we see on the street and talk to once or twice a day sometimes, usually during the work week, I can't write there names on here I guess, it's a new mission rule. We're also planning on having splits this week so it should be a good time, other than that there isn't much planned, but I'll for sure see what I can do about the flash drive next time I have a chance to look. Things are good though and we are excited for Halloween, and I hope you guys have a good one! I love you guys, until next week, stay safe!

-Elder Skene

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